Sunday, 16 March 2008

It all started on February 11th with a big question

The story about our wedding started in February while we were in South Africa on vacation.

After we have been a week in Cape Town at our friends, Gary and Briony, place, we travelled a bit further East. We did fly to Ports Elisabeth and our first destination was 'Addo Elephantpark'. There we had booked a nice hotel with some massages and luxury dinner. The hotel had a very romantic terasse and after our luxury 5-course dinner, Stu asked the big question (in English) and I said 'YES'.
It was February 11th, 2008.

The next day we went to Knysna and stayed in another lovely hotel 'Alexander' which had a terasse and we could see the most amazing night sky - with stars you have never seen before - and here Stu asked me in German. This time the answer was 'Ja'.

And this is the beginning of our story of our wedding.

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