Monday, 29 September 2008

Link to Picasa with all photos from our official photographer

We got all the lovely photos from our wedding photographer and we have published them on Picasa.
Here is the link:

They are really great. Stu and Xis love them!

You can also see them on the slide show on the right hand side of this blog page.

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Links to Photos from the Wedding

Here is the link from some photos from our wedding photographer (Die Hochzeitsfotografen,

Further more Felix has done a lot of great photos at our wedding and made a selection available on picasa:

And Gabi and Andi have published some on picasa as well:

And there are many on facebook too.

We will make other photos accessible as soon as we have them and had time to upload them to picasa, photobox or.......

Thank you for making all the photos and sharing them with us and other friends and family.

Monday, 18 August 2008

Xis arrived in Vienna

The day is getting closer and closer. I made it to Vienna with my luggage and Stu's outfit.
I did try the dress and it seems that my weight and the dress are matching. Ufff.

Sunday, 17 August 2008

Xis is going to Vienna today!

Xis is already going to Vienna. Getting ready for the wedding day!
It is soooo exiting! And I am afraid to forget something important in England.
Fingers crossed that all important things are in Vienna or with me.

See you there in less than a week now. :-)

Saturday, 16 August 2008

Stu collected his outfit today

Stu is nearly ready! His tasks today included collecting the wedding outfits for himself and 'the boys'. Now we just have to get it all to Vienna!

Friday, 8 August 2008

Airport transport - pre-book for price and convenience

The date is coming close and some of you will soon be flying to Vienna - like the bride!

If you arrive at Vienna airport you have two main options:
1. Airport train to the city center
2. Taxi

or a combination of the two.
....and there would also be a bus (which I have never used).

ad 1. CAT = City Airport Train
This is a very convenient way to go to the city center.
The latest offer now includes a combined ticket train and afterward taxi from the train station in the city center to the final location. That seems to be a good value for the price.

CAT is convenient, clean and takes only 16 minutes to the center. It goes approx. every 30 minutes.

Especially for going back to the airport it is great if you are flying Austrian Airlines. It allows you to check your luggage in at the city center train station (between 24 hours and ~1.5 hours before the flight).

One person city train ticket would be EUR 8,- or a combination train/taxi for 4 people would be from EUR 24,-.

Here is the link:

I would recommend taking the train/taxi combination because the walking distance to hotels 'Am Stephansplatz' or 'De France' is too long to walk with luggage (for me at least, 10 min, or 20 min approx). With the U-Bahn (Vienna tube), you would have to take 2 different ones.

ad 2. Taxi
The other option is pre-booking a taxi only. The cost is EUR 27 (for up to 3 people).
For Emma and Rob is more like EUR 29 because they are staying in the 13th district.

Here is one of the providers of the taxi airport service providers:

If you don't pre-book and take a taxi in front of the airport to the city center, prices will be only a bit higher, approx. EUR 33,-, not double or so.

The Xis approach would be:
Arriving...... pre-booking a taxi if I am with one or more other people.
Leaving ...... taking the CAT if I fly Austrian Airlines, I check my luggage in at Wien Mitte in the morning, have time without luggage for the rest of the day, take only one hour before the flight the CAT and arrive convenient at the airport. If not flying with Austrian you can still use the CAT but without the ability to check in your luggage or get your boarding pass.

PS: Vienna Airport is called 'Schwechat' and is the only airport in the city.

Do you know 'My baby just cares for me?'

If not well, maybe you would like to learn it ......
Nina Simone 'My baby just cares for me'

The song on YouTube:
(hmmm, not sure that Stu can live up to the red dotted short)

A link to the lyrics...

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Wedding List - english

It is tough - we have already too much with two full equipped households......
We found some things we like to add and have now two small wedding lists and the option to contribute.

Wedding List in Vienna:

  • Haardt & Krüger
    1010 Wien, Schottengasse 3A, Tel.
    +43 1 533 73 29, Fax +43 1 533 49 97
    Opening hours: Mon – Fri 9.30 – 18.00 Uhr und Sat 9.30 – 17.00 Uhr.

The name of the list is: Habicht and Fawkes (what a surprise :-) )
It includes Ritzenhoff Glasses and Silver Cuttlery.
What are Ritzenhoff Glasses?
What is Silver Cuttlery from Robbe and Berking Old Chippendale 150g?

There is no internet shop available, only a phone line.

Wedding List in the UK:

  • John Lewis Department Store
  • Eva Solo kitchen goodies and bed linen
  • Our JL Gift list is available through most John Lewis Stores, over the phone via their Guest Line on 0845 600 2202 or online at
  • Click the link to 'Buy a gift' and enter our reference number which is 328286 (list opens 18th July).

Contributions at the wedding:

  • Contributions to our Honeymoon
    (e.g. a night safari, day safari, massage, dinner, flight miles, ....)
  • Contributions to our Terrace in the garden
    (deck with built in lights, solar lights, and a waterbutt)

Some people asked to have an opportunity to contribute to an account (without being locally at the wedding). Therefore here some bank transfer options:

For contributions in British Pounds:
Alliance and Leicester, account no. 19 73 77 86, sort code 72-50-06

For contributions in Euro:
EASY Bank, Name Alexandra Habicht, account no. 20010 009 635, Bankleitzahl 14200
BIC: easyatw1 IBAN: AT931420020010009635

(Bankleitzahl is like sort code)

Monday, 23 June 2008

Eating Viennese specialities

It has to be said Vienna is better for meat eaters than people who prefer to eat fish or vegetarian.

Typical specialities are
  • Wiener Schnitzel (the real one is from Veal not pork)
  • Tafelspitz (cooked beef in a beefsoup)
  • Kaiserschmarren (either as sweet main dish or as huge dessert)
  • Apfelstrudel (Apple strudel in coffee houses or as dessert)
  • Sachertorte (no doubt the most famous cake, in coffee houses with a 'Melange' coffee)
  • Buchteln (speciality of Cafe Hawelka)

Wiener Schnitzel you will get most likely in every restaurant or pub (which is not specialised for other cuisine like Italian, Chinese, ...... food).

One place which is famous for Wiener Schnitzel is Figlmueller. You need to make a reservation at Figlmueller (one of their two restaurants) otherwise it will be difficult. The Schnitzel here is very big but at the same time very thin - so it looks more than it is but it is definitely enough for hungry people. The one in Wollzeile is the original, whereas Backerstrasse is a newer place around the corner but the food is the same. To do it right, you need to eat a Kartoffel-Vogerlsalat (Potato-Field salad) with the Schnitzel.

Figlmueller is a place for meat eaters only. There is nearly nothing for vegetarians.

If you want to experience the 'Tafelspitz' there is one very special (also a bit touristy) place to go. Restaurant Plachutta is specialised on Tafelspitz and the oldest restaurant is in Wollzeile (easiest to reach for you as in the city center). Tafelspitz is boiled beef and people really like it - not only Viennese people but guests usually really like it and want to go again if they visit Vienna the next time.

Again reservation will be necessary and in some cases you might even only get slots of 2 hours or so.

I am not sure how well served non-meat eaters will be.

Kaiserschmarrn, Apfelstrudel, .... there are no special places to recommend.

Kaiserschmarren (sweet dish with plum or appel compots- the dough is a bit like for pancakes) is something which you will get in many Viennese restaurants and pubs.

Viennese people might select it as a sweet main course too. If you eat it as a dessert, I would highly recommend to share it with somebody or ask for half a portion.

Apfelstrudel you will get in most coffee houses where you sit read newspaper or plan the next move to the next sightseeing place.....

Sachertorte - hmmm, you can get it everywhere and definitely in all coffee houses. For sure the famous 'Hotel Sacher' has the one which you can also buy in wooden boxes to bring home or send to people somewhere in the world.

Buchteln - I need to search the web to describe it...... and it is described as sweet dumplings with plum jam ..... I can understand the translation as the closest possible match, not sure I would call it dumplings. It is the speciality of Cafe Hawelka - which is a famous coffee house, where artists and students spend their time.

More hints and tips to come......

Special pub for meat eaters - a unique experience

The Schweitzerhaus in Prater.
This is a very special Viennese place to go for 'Stelze' and drink draft beer.
A Viennese would go there on a warm summerday - because in the Schweitzerhaus you have to sit outside. There are inside tables but that does not feel like Schweitzerhaus.

What is a Stelze?
If you click on Menu on the link, than you see immediately a picture of the very crispy speciality.

The Stleze is the rear nuckle of pork grilled!
I am not the biggest meat eater in the world and I hate everything what can be considered fat meat but I love Stelze. It is on the exception list.

As you can see on the Menu that there are many other things to eat (including vegetarian stuff) but the reason why people go to the Schweitzerhaus is THE STELZE.

You share a Stelze between 2 or 3 people, get bread and horse radish with it and you stop the waiters to get your next beer. They are carrying lots of them constantly around.
If you drink something else, it needs ordering and sometimes patience.

Not sure if reservations can be made (not always possible) but give it a try it is much easier than fighting for a place to sit and eat.
No credit cards.... but cash machines close to it.

It is a unique experience and people love or hate it. I would say more love it .......

I can see that Phil, Gin, Mark, Anne would be on the 'love it' side.
I am not sure that Dave or Leighton would love it.

If you want to visit the 'Riesenrad' (equivalent to London Eye, but from old days and a sight of Vienna), you could combine it with a visit in Schweitzerhaus. Both are in Prater.

Opening hours - shops and museum

Talking to Anne I realized that opening hours are different in Vienna and it might be a good idea to spell it out.

For people who want to go to any of the Museums. Check their opening hours first!
Many museums are closed on Mondays. So if you want to go plan another day or at least check. Sundays are generally good days to visit Museums.
I would also assume that all close at 18.00 and early/late evening is also no option.

Shopping otherwise......
Sunday is basically a day where every shop is closed. Even some Restaurants and Pubs are closing. You should not worry about the restaurants/pubs - enough will be open and you will find something to eat. No doubt.

Shops are often closing at 6pm with exceptions on big shopping streets like Mariahilferstrasse where shops may stay open until 7 or later (especially on Thursdays or Fridays, very unlikely on Saturdays).

Supermarkets the same...... no food shopping on Sundays. Water, juices etc. for the room (to avoid mini bar prices) you need to buy before Sunday and before 6pm on Saturdays.

Friday, 20 June 2008

Hen do's

Finally the decision is made.... I can not live without Hen do's.
So I make the most out of it......

1. In England the weekend of Aug 1/2/3
2. In Austria the weekend of Jul 25/26/27

Exact timings and activities are unknown.
Any ideas? Add a comment....

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Details get organized as well.....

Today I managed to book the hairdresser for the wedding. A test / consultancy appointment and the final appointment on the big day.
The day is coming closer and closer. Time is really flying.

Monday, 16 June 2008

Not all answers arrived yet

Yesterday was the RSVP date and we have a lot of POSITIVE answers!
Most of responses told us that you will be able to make it!

Not all answers arrived yet. We are hoping that you all can join and will celebrate with us.

So far only two invites have been declined and we hope the number of declines stays as low as of today!

Saturday, 14 June 2008

Wedding Ring Workshop

It was a great experience and fun! Today we made our own wedding rings.

It was a much harder process than expected (at least from me [xis]). We started with a block of metal and had to go through many manual processes before there was a small sign that it could become a ring at the end.

In between we got Champagne to distract us from the heavy work but not too much that our 'teachers' were sure that we will manage a good end result. Two rings which fit on the fingers, are round, regularly shaped!

After the last polishing steps we had amazing rings in our hands.
It was a great experience and so much fun!

You can see the end result at the wedding. And YES, we made the rings, they were not exchanged after the workshop to rings from a jeweller.

PS: At the end of the day I had no finger nails anymore, I filed them away (accidentally) while I was filing the shape of Stu's ring.

Thursday, 12 June 2008

All formalities are finalized - ceremony is formally booked

Today was the big day. Equipped with all documents I went to the registry office to finally turn the reservation into a final booking. The famous certificate of no impediment, certified copies of passports, birth certificate (the long one!) with all affidavits and the official translations have been handed over and have been accepted!!

The ceremony is booked, paid, ........

We are ready!

Monday, 2 June 2008

Wedding list - will be posted soon

There are many questions coming in regarding our wedding list. We will have one - may be a short one but there will be one. Otherwise we will provide an opportunity to contribute to something specific at our wedding.

The list(s) will most likely be in England - otherwise we have a transport problem.

Things like the one below will be on it:
  • Ritzenhoff Glaeser (Champagner, Beer, Schnaps)
  • Eva Solo Karaffe etc.
  • Silver cuttlery
  • and other things.........
Our contributions will be towards
  • Honeymoon - something specific like one morning or evening drive or a walk at the safari
  • .............

Saturday, 31 May 2008

Wedding insurance

Today we decided to cover the worst case scenario and paid for a Wedding insurance.

Do we get cold feet? Nooooooo!!!!!
I think the reason was my shoulder and arm that I thought you never know what happens.

But be re-assured, we will do everything to go ahead as planned and celebrate our big day on August 23rd, 2008.

See you at our wedding on August 23rd!

A list with links to potential activities in Vienna

My parents have been active and collected a list of links to potential activities in Vienna.

Here it is.... Konzerte / Concerts in Schönbrunn MOZART und STRAUSS Heeresgeschichtliches Museum, ~Museum of Military – Homepage auch Englisch eh klar, a given Übersicht diverse Veranstaltungen, Overview of different activities and events Kunsthistorisches Museum Art History Museum – Homepage auch Englisch A Museum and special Cinema (where the Third man is playing quiet regularly) Link zu „anderen“ Museen, z.B. Uhrenmuseum - link to a variety of museums, e.g. the clock or watch museum Alphabetische Linksammlung aller Museen in Wien (unglaublich viele) - alphabetical selection of links to all museums in Vienna (unbelievable how many) Original Wiener Stegreifbühne ist wohl eher nichts für Engländer, ad hoc Viennese Theater, but most likely not for English speaking people (even non Viennese might struggle) Die präparierten Original Menschen Körper - brrrrrrrrr gruselig, nix für mich , original human bodies 'prepared' (??) - brrrrrr awful, not for me Musik für Insider in der ältesten Kirche von Wien St. Ruprecht, Music for Insiders in the oldest church in Vienna, Church St. Ruprecht

Jetzt brauchen sie nur noch einige Monate da bleiben und schon kennen sie Wien besser als wir.

Now you need only to stay some months in Vienna, and you will know Vienna better then the Viennese people.

Friday, 30 May 2008

Certificate of no impediment - we have it!! Finally

Today we finally got THE document to ensure that we can get married.
The famous 'Certificate of no impediment'.

The envelop looks very nice - we think to frame it - the document itself is sooo legal. The text is nearly amusing. Things like on the 6th day of May (instead on May 6th or 6th May) and even more legal text which I can not even understand easily.

That is obviously to ensure that translators have a job. Monday is translation day in London for Stu.