Monday, 21 April 2008

Things to do, things to see in Vienna

Hmmm, being born in Vienna and having lived in Vienna for all my life (beside the last year),
it is actually quiet hard to say what people should see or must see in Vienna.

I start with some of my selections:

  1. City hall (Rathaus) by night
    You need to see the city hall (Rathaus) by night! It is on the Ringstrasse (street around the very centre of Vienna) at Rathausplatz.
    In the night it looks like from a fairy tale with its lights.
    It is one of my favorite places in Vienna.
    While you are there, there will be the summer festival infront of the city hall. That means every evening when it gets dark, an opera or concert will be presented on a screen and the whole square is full of huts with drinks and food. The only disadvantge is that it is very crouded (full of tourists - hihi).
  2. The Secession
    It is very close to Naschmarkt - one of the oldest and famoust markets (food). It is an art gallery related to art nouveau.
    It is different and I like the gold cauliflower roof.
    It has the famous Beethoven Fries from Klimt.
  3. Karlskirche
    My most loved church is Karlskirche at Karlsplatz. If it would have been possible, we would have get married there.
    I like the style and it is close to where I lived as a child.
  4. Buildings along the Ringstrasse (Theaters, Opera, Parliament, .....)
    A good way to see a lot of impressive and famous buildings in Vienna, is to go via the tram (either line 1 or 2, or you walk) along the Ringstrasse.
  5. Museum of Natural History and/or Museum of Fine Arts At Maria Theresienplatz
    (also along Ringstrasse) there are both museums opposite each other - I find the buildings (inside) impressive. I personally don't like the the Rubbens and Rembrandts, but I think the stairs and the whole building is impressive. Therefore I think it is worth a visit!
  6. Heurigen
    You need to go to a Heurigen - which is a pub / restaurant related to wineyards.
    Traditionally the wineyards did open when the new wine (Heuriger) was ready to drink and they were only allowed to sell their own wine and food they produced themselves.
    Today they are selling their wine but also other things and a variety of food - typlically you have to collect it yourself from a kind of buffet.
    Good places are Grinzing and Neustift (I prefer Neustift).
  7. Schloss Schoenbrunn
    And if you visit Schloss Schoenbrunn it is a must that you go to Gloriette and have a view over Vienna.
  8. Schloss Belvedere
    Another Schloss in the middle of Vienna - with paintings from Klimt (even if some are gone - big scandale 2(?) years ago.
  9. Hundertwasserhaus
    A museum and appartment house in the unique style of Friedrich Hundertwasser. Everything is wonky (on purpose), nothing is straight, a lot of colours, .... unique as I said.
  10. Just walking through the city centre .....
    There are all kind of buildings and squares and ..... like the Albertina, the Looshaus, .....

And there are 1000 other things,

more to come......

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