Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Change of rules to get our legal documents

Hahaha! The rules have changed! After we invested quiet some money in our advertisment in the newspaper, the rules have changed. This announcement did not necessarily fall into the category 'romantic' - the text was clearly given by a public authority. Therefore you can imagine that it was not the one thing we wanted to do. We would have found better ways - more fun, more exiting - to spend our money.

Now in the middle of the process, they changed the rules. This means unnecessary spending on a strange advertisement but even worse we start from the beginning and adding another x weeks to get our papers.

I could highly recommend change management and project management courses to improve the process of changing the rules.

We can not even find out easily what has to happen after step 1 - because website says on top of the page step 2 has changed and is NOT xyz anymore, if you look for details further down the page, step 2 describes what it is NOT anymore according to the top of the page.

As my new manager always says 'Hi Ho' we will find a solution.
Hi Ho ..... we will see.

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