Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Wedding List - english

It is tough - we have already too much with two full equipped households......
We found some things we like to add and have now two small wedding lists and the option to contribute.

Wedding List in Vienna:

  • Haardt & Krüger
    1010 Wien, Schottengasse 3A, Tel.
    +43 1 533 73 29, Fax +43 1 533 49 97
    Opening hours: Mon – Fri 9.30 – 18.00 Uhr und Sat 9.30 – 17.00 Uhr.

The name of the list is: Habicht and Fawkes (what a surprise :-) )
It includes Ritzenhoff Glasses and Silver Cuttlery.
What are Ritzenhoff Glasses? http://www.ritzenhoff.com/
What is Silver Cuttlery from Robbe and Berking Old Chippendale 150g? http://robbeberking.de/

There is no internet shop available, only a phone line.

Wedding List in the UK:

  • John Lewis Department Store
  • Eva Solo kitchen goodies and bed linen
  • Our JL Gift list is available through most John Lewis Stores, over the phone via their Guest Line on 0845 600 2202 or online at http://www.johnlewisgiftlist.com/
  • Click the link to 'Buy a gift' and enter our reference number which is 328286 (list opens 18th July).

Contributions at the wedding:

  • Contributions to our Honeymoon
    (e.g. a night safari, day safari, massage, dinner, flight miles, ....)
  • Contributions to our Terrace in the garden
    (deck with built in lights, solar lights, and a waterbutt)

Some people asked to have an opportunity to contribute to an account (without being locally at the wedding). Therefore here some bank transfer options:

For contributions in British Pounds:
Alliance and Leicester, account no. 19 73 77 86, sort code 72-50-06

For contributions in Euro:
EASY Bank, Name Alexandra Habicht, account no. 20010 009 635, Bankleitzahl 14200
BIC: easyatw1 IBAN: AT931420020010009635

(Bankleitzahl is like sort code)

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