Monday, 23 June 2008

Special pub for meat eaters - a unique experience

The Schweitzerhaus in Prater.
This is a very special Viennese place to go for 'Stelze' and drink draft beer.
A Viennese would go there on a warm summerday - because in the Schweitzerhaus you have to sit outside. There are inside tables but that does not feel like Schweitzerhaus.

What is a Stelze?
If you click on Menu on the link, than you see immediately a picture of the very crispy speciality.

The Stleze is the rear nuckle of pork grilled!
I am not the biggest meat eater in the world and I hate everything what can be considered fat meat but I love Stelze. It is on the exception list.

As you can see on the Menu that there are many other things to eat (including vegetarian stuff) but the reason why people go to the Schweitzerhaus is THE STELZE.

You share a Stelze between 2 or 3 people, get bread and horse radish with it and you stop the waiters to get your next beer. They are carrying lots of them constantly around.
If you drink something else, it needs ordering and sometimes patience.

Not sure if reservations can be made (not always possible) but give it a try it is much easier than fighting for a place to sit and eat.
No credit cards.... but cash machines close to it.

It is a unique experience and people love or hate it. I would say more love it .......

I can see that Phil, Gin, Mark, Anne would be on the 'love it' side.
I am not sure that Dave or Leighton would love it.

If you want to visit the 'Riesenrad' (equivalent to London Eye, but from old days and a sight of Vienna), you could combine it with a visit in Schweitzerhaus. Both are in Prater.

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