Saturday, 14 June 2008

Wedding Ring Workshop

It was a great experience and fun! Today we made our own wedding rings.

It was a much harder process than expected (at least from me [xis]). We started with a block of metal and had to go through many manual processes before there was a small sign that it could become a ring at the end.

In between we got Champagne to distract us from the heavy work but not too much that our 'teachers' were sure that we will manage a good end result. Two rings which fit on the fingers, are round, regularly shaped!

After the last polishing steps we had amazing rings in our hands.
It was a great experience and so much fun!

You can see the end result at the wedding. And YES, we made the rings, they were not exchanged after the workshop to rings from a jeweller.

PS: At the end of the day I had no finger nails anymore, I filed them away (accidentally) while I was filing the shape of Stu's ring.

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